Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Update to version 1.1.5

  • Added a new options in setting menu. Now you can deactivate the vibration feedback of all softkeys in ET-Mate.
  • Fixed the bug in RC-Filters tool of wrong picture after changing the filter type.

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Update to version 1.1.4

  • Added toolbox for LC-Filters.
  • Fixed a bug in RC-Filter tool that occured on changing the filter type.
  • Device is no longer vibrating when pressing the buttons in resosnst toolbox.

Update to version 1.1.3

  • Added a new toolbox for RC-Filters.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented zero result in LED resistor tool.

Update to version 1.1.2

  • Added a new vector app icon.
  • Fixed the problem that a restart is required for changing the language.

Update to version 1.1.1

  • Changed the radio text in resistor color code toolbox.
  • Added a new about site with contact informations.

Update to version 1.1.0

  • Fixed a bug in required power diplay in LED resistor tool.

Update to version 1.0.9

  • Added full german translation.
  • Added a settings menu.
  • Added the minimal required power for calculated LED resistors. Thx@G.H. for that great idea!
  • Updated the text in LED resistor help file.
  • Fixed a major bug in LED resistor toolbox.

Update to version 1.0.8

  • Added a tool for calculating LED resistors.
  • Added a help file for LED reistor tool.
  • Added new graphics in resonance and reactance toolbox.
  • New layout of resonance tool.
  • Added toast messages for saved values.
  • Removed trippel dots in input fields.
  • Fixed missed space bug in decibel and wavelength tool.
  • Fixed the reset of input fields after saving a value.

Update to version 1.0.7

  • Added some shadow effects on images.
  • Added animation for main select button and its now focusable.

Update to version 1.0.6

  • Added a new high resolution background.
  • Fixed a bug in input hints.

Update to version 1.0.5

  • Fixed a bug in reactance calculator. Recalculation changed the result every time.

Update to version 1.0.4

  • Added toast dialogs for input handling.
  • Added a new toolbox for inductiv and capacitiv reactances.
  • Redisigned main interface.
  • Fixed the missed "=" symbol in some toolboxes.
  • Fixed missed default size of some text elements.
  • Fixed the deformed input field in wavelength tool.
  • Fixed the alternating EditText margins.
  • Fixed the wrong logo placement.

Update to version 1.0.3

  • Improved help files for toolboxes.
  • Rised prices to 79 euro cents.

Update to version 1.0.2

  • Added a new high resolution background.
  • Added help files for all tollboxes to improve simplicity.

Update to version 1.0.1

  • Fixed some bugs in layout.

ET-Mate is online 1.0.0

  • Initial version is online in android market.